Helping the small business stay compliant.

Specializing in bookkeeping and business services.  We will look at how you can manage the accounting fees for a small business without bankrupting your company.

Having to keep your own finances is almost impossible for the small business owner, but the average cost of accounting services for small businesses are sometimes prohibitively high.


What we do

Providing a full range of business services at an affordable rate.


Organizing of financial information and keeping your financial records organized makes it easier to locate and provide to appropriate parties.                    

Monthly statement preparation and distribution.  

Bookkeeping services fees to be charged via a flat fee or a fixed-price agreement.


Notary Services

Provide certifying signatures in documents such as mortgage, deeds, transfer of sale in addition to other legally binding contracts.

Mobile services provided.

Business Plans

Produce high quality business plans, that contain market and industry research that are drawn from a wide range of sources, thorough analysis of your business’s industry, including growth trends.

Once contacted , you will receive your business plan with within 10-15 days.


Provide the following tax preparation services:
Federal , State, Local, Sales and Use


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